About us

Tuckpointing and Repointing has been going strong since the turn of the century. Owner of Australia Tuckpointing and Repointing, David Kirsner, says tuckpointing is extremely popular in the UK where many heritage buildings are fully restored and beautifully maintained. Tuckpointing and Repointing are also popular in Australia with such a large number of brick homes and heritage buildings.  Many churches, schools and also older office buildings have the need of this process in the building’s lifetime.

David learnt the trade in the UK and has carried on the work in Australia. He has been bricklaying for 26 years and has run his own tuckpointing business for fifteen years.

“People often don’t recognise their homes after they have been through the process,” says David. “It gives buildings and chimneys a whole new look, enhances colours and brickwork and it’s great to see the transformation.”

As well as houses, units, some of our projects have included:

  • The Renovators TV show
  • Murwillumbah High School
  • Sydney Arts Council
  • Ballina High School
  • St Johns Church, Mayfield