What is tuckpointing?
Tuckpointing is a way of using two contrasting colours of mortar in brickwork, one colour matching the bricks themselves, to give an artificial impression that very fine joints have been made.

How is tuckpointing done?
Tuckpointing is a precise, intensive process that involves removing and replacing crumbling and missing mortar between stones, blocks and bricks. This prevents further deterioration due to moisture penetrating the failing joints and compromising the whole structure. Tuckpointing may seem a straightforward task but it is one that demands a high level of skill on the part of the professional tuckpointers involved.

Why tuckpointing?
To remove deteriorated mortar from the bed and head joints on buildings, monuments, chimneys and other brick or block structures. Aging and damaged mortar joints become a waterproofing problem, and eventually a structural issue, if not repaired. This means that tuckpointing is performed roughly every 20 years to make sure mortar deterioration does not undermine the structure. However, tuckpointing is not always limited to older structures. It can also be used for newer jobs where mortar may have been damaged or needs to be replaced because of problems with finish or color. With the trend today toward colored mortar mixes, this is even more relevant. Tuckpointing is also done for aesthetic reasons as it enhances the appearance greatly of structures. Only a professional tuckpointer can repair weakened structures and restore your brick or stonework to its original beauty.

What is Repointing?
Repointing is the procedure of filling in the joints between the bricks with new mortar as a result of deterioration or erosion. There are several colours and 5 different joint finishes to choose from .Once completed the bricks will be washed down carefully so as to not remove any mortar and it will leave your home looking beautiful and clean.

How do I know if I need to Repoint?
The mortar will be crumbling or have already fallen out. You may also have noticed some structural defects or water damage.

How long will it take to tuckpoint a medium-sized house?
One to two weeks or depending on how many elevations need to be done.

Can I still live in the house while the work is being done?

Can paint be removed from bricks?
Yes and your bricks will not be ruined